Target - Converse One Star

Using Rich Media Best Practices for this interactive Expandable ad campaign banner series i coded in Flash using ActionScript2, Internal studio and GreenSock Class libraries. In building out creative I worked from multilayered design concepts. Assets used: Storyboards, SWFs, FLAs, JPGs, layered PSDs, Fonts and any additional elements for the additional functions. Standard In-Stream video, used Media Encoder for Video Codec: H.264. Using Ad Serving and for Tracking - (Digital campaign management) we use Google's DoubleClick Studio. "ClickTag" method to track user clicks on our Flash units and to provide an opportunity for interaction to maximize behavior Metrics. Parsing XML and text for best performance. Target's Rich Media Campaign Builds and Data Passing and Visibility Metrics in AS2 and AS3 to ensure a smooth production and QA process.

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